Is your rental property fun or boring?

Ryan Jenkins
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Why some folks are opting to sell their long term rental and buy a vacation property that can generate not only income but also FUN. Ask me about how to locate a fun generating property at your favorite vacation spot.


"So I get a call from a client and she’s like, 'I want to sell my rental property in Old Town Fort Collins and I want to buy a property in Sedona because my husband loves to mountain bike and we want to do a vacation rental so that we have fun with our rental property instead of it just sitting there and we have a long-term tenant.' And I thought that was a really cool point because it’s like you can have a rental property that just sits there and makes you money and appreciates but you don’t really get to do anything with it. Or, you can 1031 into a vacation rental where you can use it for portions of the year and still be making income, depending on the market, you might do better or worse in the vacation rental, but you sure are going to have a lot more fun. So, I think it's an interesting way to look at rental properties."

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