The highest price doesn't always win the house

Ryan Jenkins
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The terms of the contract and the buyer’s story often matter more than money.

So in the last couple of days we put two homes under contract for our buyers and in both cases we were not the highest sale price the owner could have accepted. And so I tell you this because the terms of the contract and the story that the seller hears are both very important. A lot of people talk about love letters and you know how sellers or their agent may not present those love letters and there can be discrimination issues and that's true but there's other ways to communicate the story that's tied to that contract. Sellers want to know who's buying their house. They might not look at a love letter or a photo of the buyers but they could hear a story and in that case, the sellers were teachers. My clients were teachers. That was very important to them and you know, they left money on the table and we weren't on paper the strongest buyers that they could have worked with but the story made difference and the terms of the contract made a difference so keep that in mind. 

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