What are your biggest fears about buying + selling your home?

Ryan Jenkins
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Growing families that need a larger home want certainty when planning their move.

We interviewed our “upsizing” clients and here’s what we learned…

They want to know exactly what they’ll get from the sale of their home and what the new home will cost. Providing written, real world numbers in advance helps them plan.

They want to know if renting their current home makes sense and if so, whether they should have it professionally managed or do it themselves. Pro management is awesome, but with the right strategy most couples can do it easily on their own.

They want to ensure the new neighborhood will be a good fit for their family. Neighbor interviews are a great way to do this.

They also want to ease the pain and disruption of the move itself. Professional moving is great. But professional packing makes all the difference!

We’ve crafted our services to address these specific needs and have created a process called “The Total Certainty Method” 

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