What does a realtor actually do? How much do your services cost?

Ryan Jenkins

Think of me as your project manager for the home buying process and don’t worry, my services are always free to my home buyers because the home seller offers to compensate the agent that represents the buyer. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Longmont or another Northern Colorado city, I can help make the process easier for you.

Realty Services

Here’s my list of services in roughly the order they will occur during in the transaction:

Identify your objectives and areas of interest

– evaluate current market conditions

– connect you with appropriate banks

– identify potential homes both on and off the market

– provide access to homes

– evaluate the homes features and defects

– evaluate remodel possibilities

– determine the value of the home

– determine potential rental income

– evaluate short-term rental options

– formulate an offer strategy

– write the offer and complete required documents

– coordinate earnest money deposit

– discuss strategies to avoid wire fraud

– refer an experienced inspector

– discuss additional inspections for sewer line, septic, well, radon, lead paint, asbestos, meth

– evaluate the inspection findings

– refer contractors and obtain repair bids

– negotiate repairs to be paid by seller

– refer insurance providers

– check floodplain

– check septic records

– provide copies and evaluate covenants and restrictions

– determine the health of the home owner’s association

– interview neighbors

– retrieve building permits

– provide zoning information

– review title insurance documents

– negotiate to cure title defects

– refer an experienced surveyor

– evaluate the survey

– review appraisal

– negotiate price if appraisal is low

– re-inspect seller repairs

– perform final walk through

– ensure CO alarms in place

– review settlement statement for accuracy

– provide utility transfer info

– provide home warrant contact info

–  close!


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